Friday, January 2, 2009

Steps to start a pmcmd command to run a workflow from informatica server

Steps to start a pmcmd command to run a workflow from informatica server
1. At the command prompt, switch to the directory where the pmcmd executable is located.
By default, the PowerCenter installer installs pmcmd in the \server\bin directory.2. Enter pmcmd followed by the command name and its required options and arguments:
pmcmd command_name [-option1] argument_1 [-option2] argument_2...
if your not pretty sure where the excutable is present or not just type and pmcmd command in your server and check for the message if throws an "command not found"
then check for this file in your home directory(.cshrc_infa) file this file contains
#ident "@(#)local.cshrc 1.2 00/05/01 SMI"umask 022set path=(/bin /usr/bin /usr/ucb /etc .)if ( $?prompt ) then set history=32endif
setenv ODBCHOME /(server name)/app/informatica/pc_server/ODBC5.2setenv ODBCINI $ODBCHOME/odbc.inisetenv INFA_HOME /mounts/infdev/app/informatica/pc_serversetenv DOMAINS_INFA /(servername)/app/informatica/pc_serversetenv ORACLE_HOME /mounts/ora_home/app/oracle/product/ ORACLE_SID infdev
setenv TNS_ADMIN /(mainserver name)/app/oracle/network
setenv PATH ${PATH}:/Mounts/ora_home/app/oracle/product/$ODBCHOME/bin:$INFA_HOME/server/binsetenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH $ORACLE_HOME/lib:$ODBCHOME/lib:$INFA_HOME/server/bin

then type csh command and then source your file .csh source .cshrc_infa
and then run pmcmd command
synatx is as follows
pmcmd scheduleworkflow <-serveraddr-s> [host:]portno <<-user-u> username<-uservar-uv> user_env_var> <<-password-p> password<-passwordvar-pv> password_env_var> [<-folder-f> folder] workflow
--------------------------------- pmcmd startworkflow -sv Integartion service name -d domain -u username -p password -f 'folder' workflow name

If you are alreadyin pmcmd prompt then follow the below mentioned steps

The following commands were helpful for pmcmd:
pmcmd>connect -sv Service -d domain -u username -p password
pmcmd>startworkflow -f 'folder' workflow
pmcmd>getworkflowdetails -f 'folder' -rin workflow
pmcmd>gettaskdetails -f 'folder' workflow
pmcmd>stoptask -f 'folder' workflow
pmcmd>getsessionstatistics -f 'folder' workflow
pmcmd>scheduleworkflow -f 'folder' workflow
pmcmd>unscheduleworkflow -f 'folder' workflow
pmcmd>disconnect -sv Service -d domain -u username -p password


Brano said...

on one of AIX server is process "pmcmd startworkflow...." holding /var/spool/lpd directory. I need to stop spooling services and umount this directory( is mounted on my server). Could I kill this process or is necessary to contact appl. guy and ask him to stop it? What happend if I just kill it?

पेन सलामत said...
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Sakshi said...

Hi Azad,
as pmcmd command exist for powercenter designer, to run a workflow, is there a command to run the repository manager? i want to query the repository, how can i do that?